Google Traffic for your organisation

92% of companies are trying to reorganise in a way that allows them to keep up with the digital revolution. The standard top-down organisations are just not agile enough for the future. Organisations of the future are network organisations (of teams), with shared value and culture, transparent goals and projects and most important free flow of information and feedback. Mesh creates a map of the flow in your organisation – like Google Traffic: locating the informal traffic in your organisation.

It is difficult to understand how flow originates, but things just move faster when there is flow. People find themselves in a flow when all the energise is focussed, they are fully involved and enjoying themselves in the process of the activity.

Organisational structures and protocols are blocking a lot of that flow. However, every company culture has a survival strategy that keeps the business running: an informal ecosystem that helps one and other and are always in the search for opportunities to change and innovation. We can identify your informal ecosystem – we call it your Mesh – a dynamic map of the flow within your company.


We challenge 2 consistencies of Organisational Change Management.


A. Mesh-Mix (informal) vs Management (formal) We separated the traditional process management profile into 5 activities that are key during the innovation process.  If you are able to identify the (informal) Mesh-Mix and connect them with formal management, you have made the first step in re-installing the flow (back) into the company. 

B. (data-driven) feedback vs self-reflection We believe that instead of self-reflection tools – we need to work with more data-driven feedback tools. By that, we can validate self-assessments and have a more accurate image on who we are and what value we create.

Combining Mesh-Mix and Data driven feedback – we measure impact moments of the Mesh-Mix amongst employees. We use the Q-app as a tool for measurement.


We created a new vision on how to design and develop your organisation – DIY Mesh. We believe that there is less need for highly paid external consultants and more need for lean data-driven tools that work faster, easier and in direct contact with your employees.


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