Use the Q1.6 app to gather feedback from your team

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Use the Q1.6 app to gather feedback from your team

Our Q1.6 app is currently being used in a Fortune 500 company to gather feedback within teams. We had a short interview with one of the team leaders.

Why did you want to use the app?

The main reason I wanted the app is because of how easy and effectively one can gather feedback. Our response rate has been ~75% to 80% which is pretty amazing and almost impossible to achieve with a regular survey. The other reason is because the app is very appealing for young people, average age in my organization is probably ~26 so it was very easy to ‘sell’ the idea.


What did you think about it afterwards?

The app met and exceeded my expectations! We were able to gather feedback extremely quickly and monitor results lively, which is awesome. The support from the Q team has been outstanding and very fast. The website to review results is super easy to navigate and you can copy-paste the results to share them with the organization.


What was an additional benefit which you did not expect?

The ability to add questions so quickly was extremely beneficial because it gave us the chance to gather input on hot topics that just came up in the organization.

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