End user/patient questions (5)

No, the app is only used to answer questions and to synch those answers from time to time to the server. It should normally have no big influence on your battery time apothekefurmanner.de/.

Our current tests show that it uses 1% of battery time on iOS.

The Q1.6 app is fairly small, about 17MB both for iOS and Android.

The Q1.6 app works on a tablet but if you want to have as many answers as possible, we suggest to prevent users from installing the app on a tablet, because people use their tablet less frequent than their smart phone.

We support Android phones and tablets starting from Android version 4.0
We support iPhones and iPads starting from iOS version 9 (You can find your iOs version by following these steps)

The user code can be found in the settings menu:
1. Go the main screen of the app.
2. Click on the settings icon in the top right
3. In the settings screen, the username is the first item of the list

Health Care Professional questions (1)

It is possible to install the app twice with the same activation code. This is useful if someone has a new phone or there is a problem and the user wants to uninstall and install the app again.

But if the user installs the app on two different devices with the same activation code, the user will get the questions twice.

In this case it is best to ask the user to uninstall one of the apps.

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