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October 16th, 2017 will always be an important day for us at Q. It is the day we officially received our ISO 27001 certificate.  If you want more info about the scope of this certificate please contact us via the contact form.


ISO27001 certificate for Q1.6 Platform

Want to work in a small team and have an immediate impact?

Want to push code into production during your first week?

Want to only work with bright people that respect each others ideas and work/life balance?

Want to plan your own life and work when and where you want?

Want to paint the walls of our office in purple?

Want to keep a goldfish on your desk?


Q ( transforms long and tedious questionnaires into short questions that are sprinkled throughout the day. For this, we are building a messaging platform with A.I. components. Q is a small startup based in Antwerp (we are located within spitting distance of the beautiful train station).


We are looking for a passionate SW developer to work on our messaging and A.I. platform. This platform consists of native android and iOS apps and a full stack (web) backend.


Come join our SW team and work with the following technologies and methodologies:

  • Native Android development
  • Native iOS (swift) development
  • node.js web development
  • A.I. systems
  • Continuous deployment
  • Agile methodologies (mix of XP/lean/scrum)


We are looking for passionate developers; experience in any of the above technologies is a plus, but not a must.


If this sounds interesting contact us at and we’ll grab a coffee.

Today our research project together with Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg starts. We had a short interview with dr. Vriens, the initiator of this project.

What is the goal of this research project?


Chronic postoperative inguinal pain (CPIP) is the main concern after inguinal hernia repair. Most studies use paper and web based questionnaires to investigate this outcome of the so-called Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). This way of collecting data has several disadvantages, which can be overcome by this innovative application. The Q1.6 application will be used as a means to prospectively collect data in a non-intrusive and non-stressful way. This may provide a more accurate and extensive real-time view of the development and course of CPIP after inguinal hernia surgery. This first research project is designed to test the feasibility of the application and generated data. Once the application is validated as a monitoring instrument, it can replace the paper questionnaires and improve the quality of pain monitoring after inguinal hernia surgery and improve medical research regarding CPIP.


In what way will apps like the Q1.6 app change the field of patient feedback?


Patient feedback is extremely important in investigating the effectiveness of medical interventions. E-health applications like the Q1.6 app give us the opportunity to generate real-time ‘big data’ as never before. This provides many new research opportunities. Besides, physicians can track their patients in real time and complications can be noted in time. The postoperative course of an individual patient can be compared to the postoperative course of the cohort and can be fed back to the patient or placed in a context. Also, costs can be reduced. For example, in case of an uncomplicated postoperative course, the standard postoperative control at the outpatient department can be cancelled.


What do patients think of the Q1.6 app so far?


During the pilot study, all participating patients were extremely enthusiastic about the Q1.6 app. They all used it for 2.5 months or more. They did not mark the Q1.6 app or the way of asking questions as annoying or stressful. The Q1.6 app was preferred above the paper questionnaires and in the future, the patients would like to be monitored more often using a smartphone application.

We are are proud to announce that we are selected for the iStart Business Incubation Program of iMinds. In 2015, iStart was granted second place in the European ‘Top University Business Accelerators’ ranking by UBI Global and was ranked fourthbest in the world

iMinds (formerly IBBT) is a Flemish non-profit organization, founded by the Flemish Government. It was founded as a research institute, with a focus on information & communication technology (ICT) in general, and applications of broadband technology in particular.

We are looking forward to work together with the iStart coaches to accelerate our business.