What is Q 1.6 ?
Our Micro-Moments technology helps our customers in the Medical Device and Pharma industry use patient data and meta-data to:

Improve the quality of their ePro data

Gain more meaningful (contextual) insights into clinical data

Improve study compliance

Reduce patient dropouts and disengagement in long term clinical studies

Our mobile app poses simple questions to the user, each time he or she unlocks the screen. Each question needs to be read and answered in 1.6 seconds, which, according to a research paper from study conducted by Stanford University, is the maximum amount of time users want to spend unlocking their phone. So, as you unlock your phone between 10 and 30 times/day, the doctor gets all the information he or she wanted needs from the patient. As we can ask multiple questions each day, we need to keep the patient engaged, by making the daily questionnaires as dynamic as possible.

Q 1.6 for Health

We have seen increases in patient engagement in multiple therapeutic areas including Neuroscience, Infectious diseases, Immunology and Cardiology.

Today the Q 1.6 Micro-Moments platform is used in clinical applications to:

Obtain improved electronic Patient-reported outcomes (ePro)

Gain much deeper insights into clinical data with meaningful context(s)

Improve patient compliance and adherence to treatment regimens

Enable truly long-term clinical trials with years of reliable data

How do we solve this problem
The Q 1.6 Micro-Moments platform offers a 3 layered approach to industry:

An ‘agnostic’ approach to communication channels: e.g. you can ask non-intrusive questions throughout the day during the ‘unlock-moment’ of your phone*, when replying to an SMS, or by a wide range of other communication channels

An extremely powerful Rule-based Engine that can react to any circumstance

A platform that can be linked to any possible sensor feed. (external sensors or other data)

What are the benefits?

Q's context-related data allows a doctor to improve their (after)care and efficiency by personalizing patient's follow-up and detect problems sooner.

Patients appreciate the feeling of having ``their doctor around 24/7``

Q1.6 provides a level of accuracy in real time data ``which we have never seen before`` (as stated by Clinical Director in Infectious Diseases)

Clinical trials teams now have real-time visibility on patient reactions, engagement, behavioral trends and likely outcomes.